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Post  Reaper on Sun Dec 26, 2010 11:04 pm

The Ayrian Raiders hope to be a large clan, and with that we needs teams, or squads, for various things.

First off, i wanna explain some of the duties/availabilites in the Clan Office has.

Leaders: The Founders (Me and Voltaire), we oversee all parts of the clan/overall clan health. We have the final say in matters.

Generals: The highest ranked position attainable to members, first ones to reach requirements get it, headed by Joey, seperated into 3 sections:
-Entrance with Entrance Team
-Server Moderation, along with the server mod team
-Overall Clan Moderation (Joey)

Admirals: The 3rd position in the clan office, the scrim team leaders, and the ranking up team.

Vice Admirals: The final position, in charge of commanding the lower positions and the Training Team, last level of clan admins.

All other ranks are normal ranks, which do take a special amount of hard work to achieve What a Face

Other Squads:

Entrance Team: Vote on entrance applications, decide if members get in. Admins are automatically on.

Server Mod Team: Given RCON abilities to use to moderate servers. Admins are automatically on.

Scrim Squad: Divided into teams based on weapons, headed by Admirals. Admins are automatically on.

Training Team: Train all players signed up to catch cheaters and increase overall skill. Headed by Vice Admirals.

Bounty Hunters: People in the clan who's only job is to find as many botters/cheaters as possible, and ban them. you will not go unrewarded, theres a special rank just for you!

Stunt Team: The pro stunting team. Voltaire and I head this. Any full member can join.

Thats it, might add more later!
cheers cheers cheers


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