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Post  Reaper on Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:39 pm

There are 10 Ranks in this clan. Only 9 are available to members, unless full. For Different Ranks, there are different tags. This lists them all, and who wears them:

«AR» - ONLY worn by Voltaire me (Reaper), and Joey (Head General). We will have these names with them. If anyone else is wearing these, please report them to us.

‹AR› - Worn by Regular Generals, Admirals, and Vice Admirals. This tagset is to honor their work. Alt codes for these are:

0139 = ‹
0155 = ›

≡AR≡ - ONLY worn by Majors. Alt codes are:

240 = ≡

=AR= - Worn by Private First Class' through Captains. No alt codes in these tags.

-AR- - ONLY worn by new recruits. No alt codes in these tags.

Thats it XD


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