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Post  Reaper on Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:10 pm

There are 10 ranks in the clan:

Leaders - Me and Voltaire
Vice Admirals
Lance Corporals
Private FCs
New Recruits

New Recruits have to wear the -AR- tags for a week long probationary period, to make sure that they follow rules, etc.

After New Recruits have completed their week long probationary period, they have to present 1 screeshot, in which they are first, to prove their worth. After that they will be ranked up to a Private First Class.

From their you will need a number of screenshots to rank up, and have to wait a week b4 you can rank up.

These are the requirements to rank up:

Private FC → Lance Corporal = 2 weeks in clan, 3 screenshots, 10 posts
Lance Corporal → Corporal = 3 weeks in clan, 5 screenshots, 30 posts
Corporal → Captain = 1 month in clan, 10 screenshots, 50 posts
Captain → Major = 5 weeks in clan, 20 screenshots, 100 posts

When there are a number of people who have achieved the major rank, Voltaire, Joey, and I will choose the rest of the Generals, Admirals, and Vice Admirals based on how much you have helped the clan, and what you have to offer.



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